Skool … la escuela

Die afspraak by die skool … hoekom is dit almal se eerste vraag?

Es la escuela que imporant ?


Term 1 and 2 all work done will not be examined in the 3rd and 4th term.  EXCEPT for math and languages.

The school requires a letter that states that we will be travelling as a family and will return in the 3rd term.

The school is willing to forward us all exam papers. We will also be given books is we require these.


BUT, let’s be practical and not fool ourselves. Travelling for 6 months, with kids and not have a fixed base can be a challenge. Especially if your focus is not homeschooling with a set curriculum designed by someone, somewhere in some office with some outlook on life.  If your aim is to explore, to learn about history, culture, countries, nature in extreme, visiting glaciers and volcano’s, deserts and lakes, mountains and salt pans, buildings from stone, and those from salt … A whole new language, cities and streets of the world, the curriculum is suddenly very diverse and extremely adaptable. I think it will be a setback to try and focus on CAPS during this time.

The school will take us back… in term three as long as we are up to date with English, Afrikaas and Math.  Janko will be fine on all subjects he can visit my site I can test me anytime and do some lessons – that is if he wants to! He really won’t want to!!

Lenka is a very hard worker and I’m sure her love for language, books and constant reading craze will make it easy to catch up. We will have them do payments, and do all the money matters and see if it works for the math part!!

Math we might do Khan, fantastic academy and for the languages we will try and um …. do Spanish and catch up on the flight back!

Curriculum to be might include!!

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