Planning a basic route

A big rough outline for those who were waiting for this:

  • Puerot Natales – Get a cooler box, rent a car and pack. Best tip is to pack. It is cold and when you hike you want to snack and eat. BE PREPARED!!
  • Torres del Paine National Park – Refugios Grey
  • Fly to El Calafete
    • Glacier
    • Perito Moreno
    • Lake Argentino
  • You can take the RN40 Back in Chile – or take the Navvy Mag and do the coast of Chile
  • Bariloche – River rafting for kids, you get nice calm rivers.
    • Volcan Villarica,
    • Puerto Montt,
    • Los Largos,
    • Ruta de Sete Lago’s
  • Back to Puerto Montt
  • Fly to La Paz for Lake Titicaca and Uros Floating Islands
  • From there Fly to Cusco – The sacred valley
    • Salineras de naras
    • Sacsay huaman
    • Moray
    • Ollantaytambo
  • Macho Picchu
  • Nasca lines – flyover
  • Equador should be a nice as you can do three things from here:
    • The beaches should compare to Mancora in Peru
    • Galapagos Islands
    • Trip to the Amazon

This is totally very wide, very vague … but I guess we have something on paper, Abré pinned more on his google map.

I just need the real paper thing. NOW I WANT and I NEED A MAP ON PAPER!!!

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