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We tried to talk to as many people as possible. Travelling with children, the responsibility is on another level and adds another dimension to the whole trip.  It is not just you, your needs and your concerns, oh no, those suddenly do not count for anything.  Certainly not for me.  I am planning, packing, booking, sorting everything with children as number one on my list.
Sybille travelled to various places, of which South East Asia and South-America were but two. She did her travelling alone and being a woman, I thought we should have a chat.  We think differently about safety and security and I had the kids in mind.  Sybille had to stop and come back to South Africa when she broke her leg.  She is recovering now and already planning the next trip, the Southern parts of South America.  This is where we will REALLY start our trip.  The first 3 weeks we are in Brazil, waiting for the Carnival, but after that it is just us and the open road.
So to wrap: Sybille used public transport from the word go.  Busses are great, semi-cama (bed) or cama night busses were easy to travel with. Sleep on the bus and travel to your destination. She said she love Airbnb because you meet the local people and they are very helpful and friendly.  Advice is to get a local sim card, for the places with no wifi.  She also showed us her down travel pillow from granny goose, which is the same size as a cot pillow. She also showed us her Uniqlo – down jacket, which she got from the UK.  VERY nice and light, will be on the lookout for those for future travels. We talked about the places she visited, the food, accommodation, transport, safety, clothing … everything that matters.  We know more, but we really do not know anything yet.  We will keep you posted and feed information as we move on!
So before you go, mother of two, whoever you are. Talk to people.  Those who have done it an have been there will smile and tell you to relax and enjoy the journey.  We are vigilant in South Africa, we know how to look after ourselves, belongings and children. Just do the same thing you have been doing in South Africa.

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