The best way to eat local is to visit one of the many food by weight restaurants. Here you will find some of the finest local cuisine.  Freshly prepared by local chefs, who know exactly what locals like and tourists are here for. Getting tired of queso on the beaches of Búzios? Take a stroll down town, to Banana land restaurant.

Friendly waitresses at the door to meet and seat you. Also one of the few places where they speak English, Portuguese as well as Spanish.

What strikes me most about the Búzios restaurants are the colourful presentation of dishes. You have no choice but to load your plate with a variety and take in the culture via your taste buds and live life Carioca style. Fresh apple and mayonnaise with mustard salad, reminds met of Waldorf salad, we only add nuts and banana’s. Spinage dumplings. Boiled egg stuffed with fish, fresh tomato salad and some fresh rocket leaves.  Then there is some chicken pie which was divine! I really like brinjals so I tried the brinjal rings covered in a variety of veggies. Great idea and looks like healthy little vegan pizza slices.

The traditional dishes are the Feijão Tropeiro which has beans, raisons mixed in a secret taste sensation and then the pumpkin dish, called Carne seca con Abóbora. Both really tasty, although I preferred the pumpkin!

What adds to the pleasure of local quizine is good company of locals. I met Alina earlier on the beach. She invited us to Banana lane, and I’m glad we came.

Even Lenka, Janko and Maya got along using Spanish, Portuguese and some English.

At Banana lane you can finally try queso Búzios style, soaked in a tinted cinnamon and banana bath, spiked with a hint of mint.

Our list night in Búzios ended great. We will remember this little coastal town for it variety of beaches and cuisine.


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